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3 Pedal tuning kit fits Logitech G27/G29/G920 Mod Sim Racing Drifting


This 3 Pedal tuning kit gets rid of the solid rubber block on the standard brake pedal and replaces it with a secondary spring giving you much more braking control
and 2 preload spacers for the Throttle and clutch pedals.

We currently run this in our setup using the 10mm spacer in the throttle and 6mm in the clutch and its a great improvement when chasing doors drifting or grip racing.
Remove the pedal plates
Remove the 14 silver screws from the underside
Remove the two bolts at each side of brake damper, throttle or clutch
Pull back the black casing and lift off (this part is under tension) then remove the spring
Remove the white top cap from the black part and the black rubber block and white base from the red part. (brake pedal only)
Brake tuning: Clip the felt topped top stopper to the black part and the yellow spring base to the red part.
Preload spacers: Simply insert into the Red base of the damper
Replace the silver spring and re-assemble

Please contact me with any questions