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Volk Racing GTC Wheel Spoke Decal Sticker x 4 pcs


Volk Racing GTC Wheel Spoke Decal Sticker x 4 pcs.
These decals are cut from high quality vinyl and measure 80mm in length and 10mm in height.
You will receive 4 decals ready to just peel and stick.
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Please contact me with any questions.


Take a dry cloth with alcohol or window cleaner and wipe down the surface you want to apply your decal / sticker to. Flip the decal / sticker over rubbing it a few times on the back side to ensure you get the whole sticker / decal to stick to the application tape. Then peel off application tape and decal / sticker from the backing. Peel slowly and make sure all the decal / sticker stays on the application tape. Then apply sticker to the surface of you just cleaned. Now with a dry cloth or squeegee rub the decal / sticker working from one side to the other to make sure you have it sticking good. Now you can remove the application tape slowly to ensure your decal / sticker sticks to the surface you have just applied it to.