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Pajero Shogun Evolution 3d Domed Sticker Replacement Set


Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution Sticker set.

Kit contains:

1x Front EVOLUTION plus stencil

2x Side EVOLUTION plus stencil

1x Rear EVOLUTION plus stencil

These reproduction decals has been created with high quality in mind and is made with only the best quality materials.

The decals will come in Dark Silver/ Charcoal as pictured with a raised resin 3d gloss finish.

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Please contact me with any questions.


Take a dry cloth with alcohol or window

cleaner and wipe down the surface you want to apply your stencil to. Flip the stencil over rubbing it a few times on the back side to ensure you get the whole stencil to stick to the application tape. Then peel off application tape and stencil from the backing. Peel slowly and make sure all the stencil stays on the application tape. Then apply sticker to the surface

of you just cleaned. Now with a dry cloth or squeegee rub the decal /

sticker working from one side to the other to make sure you have it sticking good. Now you can remove the application tape slowly to ensure

your stencil sticks to the surface you have just applied it to.

Now peel and stick the raised letters into the spaces on the stencil. Once complete peel and remove the stencil leaving your perfectly aligned lettering.