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Mitsubishi EVO 8 2003-2005 Stone Guard Chip Protection film


2x Mitsubishi EVO 8 2003-2005
Premium Quality Stone Guard protection film.

Protect your vehicle from stones, debris by applying our high-quality protection film.
Easy to apply and provides excellent protection from stones and debris.
This pair of stickers are specially made for this car model.
Stickers are made from Premium Quality Stone Guard Film: (150 micron)
To prevent bubbling, please make sure that the surface is completely clean before applying the sticker. It is recommended to polish it to make it extra flat.


Take a dry cloth with alcohol or window cleaner and wipe down the surface you want to apply your decal / sticker to. Apply sticker to the surface of you just cleaned. Now with a dry cloth or squeegee rub the decal / sticker working from one side to the other to make sure you have it sticking well.