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DUNLOP Tyre Stencil Stickers


4x DUNLOP Tyre stencil stickers.

These are a one time use stencil to give your tyres the rauh welt look.

Available in:







Letters are approx 35mm high


Please choose the correct size stencil set for your tyres.

Make sure your tyre surface is clean and free from tyre dressing, wax or road grime.

Choose a smooth part of your side wall to apply your stencil.

Slowly peel off the backing paper stuck to sticky application tape, dispose of the paper and apply the sticky tape part to your tyre using the wheel lip to align it. Once happy, rub the decal hard using your thumb to ensure well stuck down.

Carefully remove the application tape.

Mask off the surrounding area using paper and masking tape (not included). Be sure to cover all areas you don’t want painting.

Using very light coats of a primer based spray works best.

Allow to fully day before carefully removing stencil.


Does not include paint

For show only

Be sure to use a water-based paint that will not damage or corrode your tyre wall

Check out my other items for similar themed stickers.

Please contact me with any questions.


Take a dry cloth with alcohol or window cleaner and wipe down the surface you want to apply your decal / sticker to. Flip the decal / sticker over rubbing it a few times on the back side to ensure you get the whole sticker / decal to stick to the application tape. Then peel off application tape and decal / sticker from the backing. Peel slowly and make sure all the decal / sticker stays on the application tape. Then apply sticker to the surface of you just cleaned. Now with a dry cloth or squeegee rub the decal / sticker working from one side to the other to make sure you have it sticking good. Now you can remove the application tape slowly to ensure your decal / sticker sticks to the surface you have just applied it to.


Your new vinyl decal / sticker can be applied to most textured surfaces, however you may find some
difficulty applying lettering to porous or chalk-like surfaces, such as stone, as well as flat or
glossy painted surfaces. We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages
resulting from the use or inability to use this product.